NEVE VR60 Legend fully loaded with flying faders automation.


Otari MTR90 MkII 24 track analogue
Avid Pro Tools HD 2 Accel with a total of 24 inputs and 48 outputs:
1xAvid HD I/O
2x Avid 192 I/O
Crane Song HEDD 192
Sync I/O


Main monitors

Genelec 1038A


Dynaudio BM15A - Yamaha NS10M
Genelec 1029 - Auratone
AR - Tannoy.

Processors and FX


Lexicon 480L (with Larc)
Lexicon PCM70
Lexicon LXP 15
Eventide H3000
Yamaha Rev 1
Yamaha SPX 1000
Yamaha SPX 90 x2
Roland Space Echo RE201
Roland SRV 330
Ensoniq DP4 (Quad FX)
Korg Al (multi-FX)
Digitech 400 (multi-FX)
Digitech RPM1
Wem Copycat Tape Echo (Tube)

DYNAMICS/EQ/Filters/Mic Pres

2 x Neve 1081 mic pre and EQ
1 x GML 8200 Parametric EQ series II
1 x Pultec EQH-2 EQ (mono)
1 x Avalon vt737sp
1 x Tubetech LCA 2A
1 x API 2500 Stereo Compressor
2 x API 512c mic pres
2 x API 550b EQ
4 x API 525 Compressors
2 x Shadow hill mono Gama mic pres
2 x EL8 Distressor
1 x Universal Audio 2x1176 LN Stereo compressor
1 x Ridge Farm Boiler compressor
4 x Neumann PEV (EQ)
4 x Neumann PV76 (mic. pres)
1 x SPL transient designer 4ch.
1 x Altec 436c (mono compressor)
1 x Moog 3 band Parametric EQ (mono)
1 x Thermionic Culture Vulture
1 x Drawmer DL 251 Spectral compressor
1 x DBX 160 X Comp Lim
1 x DBX 160 A Comp Lim
1 x DBX 263A DE-Esser
1 x Summit EQP200B
1 x Sherman Filter
1 x Electrix stereo filter
1 x Aphex aural exciter type C2

Plug Ins

A selection of plug ins by :
Audio Ease, Avid, Sonox, Waves, Abbey Road,
Sound Toys, Sony Oxford, Air Music Tech.,
Massenburg, Access Music, Digidesign, McDSP,
Celemony, Native Instruments, Focusrite, Antares,
Drawmer, Bomb Factory, Line6, Trillium Lane Labs,
Source Elements, Aphex, etc

Kindly contact us for a detailed list of plug ins.


Sony DAT R500
HHB CD pro recorder
Akai S3000, 1100, 1000
Avid Sync HD
ZETA III , XR300, Adam Smith 2600 E
Audioscope 3000 spectrum analyzer + Rt 60


A selection of Guitars and Basses, Amps ,
Keys & Synths, Drums kits, Snare drums & Percussions, Stomp boxes available.

Scroll down for the full list.



Trident 90 - fully loaded with full automation - 120 channels on mix


Avid ProTools HD 2 Accel with a total of 16 inputs and 32 outputs:
1xAvid HD I/O
1xAvid 96 I/O
Avid Sync I/O
Motu 2408 Mk III
Tascam DA 30 MKII, Yamaha DTR2 Dat Recorder


Main Monitors

EV Sentry 500 Mid-field with EV P1200 Power amp.


Dynaudio BM15A QSC usa370
Yamaha NS10M, A R, Tannoy, Auratone

Processors and FX


Aphex aural exiter type B
Yamaha SPX 90
Yamaha R1000
Digitech Studio Quad (Quad multi-FX)
Digitech Studio 400 (Quad multi-FX)
Digitech VH5 (Harmoniser)
Akai AR 900 Rev.
Alesis Midi Verb 11
Art SGxT2

Dynamic /EQ/Filters

Drawmer DL441 Quad comps x 3
Drawmer DL231 Exp/comp x 1
Drawmer DS201 Dual Gates x 2
Drawmer DS404 Quad Gate x 1
DBX 263A DE-Esser x 1
Digitech VCS 1 Tube comp.
Digitech VTP 1 Tube EQ
Cutec 30Band Graph EQ
Alesis Limit + Enhancer
Symetrix 544 Quad Gate/Expand

Plug Ins

A selection of plug ins by : Avid, Waves,
Access Music, Digidesign, Celemony,
Source Elements, Focusrite, Antares,
Bomb Factory, Line6, Trillium Lane Labs

Kindly contact us for a detailed list of plug ins.


Akai S1000
Tascam DA 30 MKII & Yamaha DTR2 Dat Recorders



1x Peluso U47 (Tube)
2 x Peluso U67 (Tube)
1 x Microtech UM 92.1s (Tube)
2 x Neumann U87
2 x Neumann KM184
2 x Schoeps CMC6 w/capsule MK6 (Multi-patterns)
2 x Coles 4038 (Ribbon)
1 x Peluso SR 14 (Ribbon)
1 x AEA R92 (Ribbon)
2 x Oktava MC012
5 x Sennheiser MD 421 U
1 x Sennheiser e92
5 x Shure SM 58
5 x Shure SM 57
1 x Shure SM 7
1 x Shure 520DX
1 x Shure 51
1 x E.V. RE20
1 x E.V. PL9
1 x E.V. PL6
1 x AKG D20
2 x AKG D112
1 x AKG C 5600
2 x AKG SE 300B with CK91 + 92
1 x AKG C 1000
2 x AKG D310
1 x AKG C414
1 x Audio-Technica AT4050ASM

Personal monitoring

HearBack + 6 Mixers
12 x Beyerdynamic DT 250
1 x Beyerdynamic DT 100
2 x AKG 
2 x AudioTechnica

Guitars and Basses

Fender Telecaster
Fender Mustang 
Gibson Les Paul special P100 pickups
Gibson Les Paul
Gibson Les Paul Junior
Gibson Chet Atkins
Danelectro 59 dc pro
Airline 59 Coronado
Airline Tuxedo
Eastwood classic 12
Musicman Sabre bass
Fender Mustang bass (1972)
2 x Simon and Patrick SP 6 acoustic guitar
2 x Fender Resonator acoustic/electric

Keyboards and Synths

R. Lipp and Sohn Stutgart - Grand Piano (Vintage)
Korg MS20 - Vintage analogue synth
Korg MonoPoly - Vintage analogue synth
Korg Delta - Vintage analogue synth
Korg 770 - Vintage analogue synth
Moog Micro - Vintage analogue synth
Clavia Nord Etectro sixtyOne - Classic sounds
CAT by Octave - Rare Vintage analogue synth 
Roland Jx1
Farfisa Synthorchestra - Rare analogue synth
RoLand D110 and U220
Oberheim Matrix 1000
Novation bass station
Axiom 61 and 49
Fatar studio mother-keyboard w.keys
Roland TR 808 


Ampeg V4BH Classic Bass head
SVT410HLF Bass cab
Vox AC30 Top Boost 1962(BlueBacks)
Vox AC30 1970 (Celestions)
Vox Bass Amp
Fender BassMan
Fender Super Twin
Laney VC50 Tube Combo (Tube) 4502-Combo
Danelectro Nifty Fifty
Marshall JCM900 Combo
Selmer T & B Fifty (head)

Stomp Boxes

various FX pedals from:
Electroharmonix, MXR, Boss, DOD,
Line6, Carlsbro, Digitech

contact us for detailed list

Drums & Percussions

Gretsch 1958 round badge (vintage kit)
1 x 20" BD
1 x 12" Tom
1 x 16" Floor Tom

Pearl BLX KIT ( Birch)
1 X 22" BD
8", 10", 12", 13",14", 16",  Toms

Yamaha 9000 Recording Custom KIT (Birch)
1 X 22” BD
10”, 12”, 14”, 16” Toms

Snare Drums

1x 14” X 6 1/2” Ludwig Black Beauty
1 x 14” X 5 1/2” Ludwig Supraphonic
1 x 14” X 4 1/2” Ludwig maple shell
1 x 14” X 3 1/2" Yamaha brass shell snare
1 x 14” X 3 1/2” Pearl steel shell
1 x 14” X 5 1/2" Keller maple snare
1 x 14” X 6 1/2” HiP maple shell
1 x 10” X 2” Sonor

Cymbals & HiHats

14" Zildjian New Beats Hi Hats
14" Paiste 2002 Medium Hi Hats, 
13" Paiste Medium Sound Formula Hi Hats
13" Bosphorus Hi Hats
14” Sabian HHX
22” Zildjian K Dark Ride
18” Zildjian K Dark Crash
22" Zildjian Medium Ride
20" Paiste Mellow Ride
16" Paiste 2002 Medium Crash
16" Paiste Full Crash  
18" Zildjian Thin Crash
20" China
8" + 10" Zildjian K Splash


Latin/World/Percussion Collection Includes:
Wood blocks,Cowbells,Ocean Drum Clay Darbuka,
Wind chimes ,Ufip bell-tree, Kalimba,Clave,etc